As a responsible supplier of products to the housebuilding and construction markets, we naturally comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

In addition we save energy at our facilities with daylight lighting and heat de-stratification units. Our brick cutting machines operate with water which we recycle, filter and re-use to reduce freshwater use. The waste materials are supplied to hard core manufacturers for use in e.g. road surfaces.

All our plywood cores are manufactured from FSC-accredited wood, and our VRTM process for GRP components uses less resin than traditional methods. We even donate wood offcuts to local schools and community groups for activities such as bird box building.

In addition, we:

  • Commit to the prevention of pollution by monitoring our energy use and exploring ways of improving efficiency
  • Segregate all our waste and recycling where possible
  • Use environmentally friendly or recycled paper where possible
  • Work towards a ‘paperless office’ environment
  • Recycle all office waste
  • Use low energy appliances when replacing equipment