Brick Clad Chimneys

Quick to acquire, simple to install and cost-effective – our prefabricated brick or stone clad chimney solutions are designed to meet the visual and structural requirements of your housebuilding project, no matter the scale.

Available in brick, stone or ready for rendering on-site, we deliver our prefabricated chimneys ready for pointing with lifting eyes pre-installed.

We manufacture using bricks collected from site, guaranteeing a perfect match with the rest of the build. We prefabricate our chimneys in factory conditions to the highest standards of quality control, and Live Class 1 and 2 chimneys are available.


  • 10 year warranty – Extensive testing by BBA and Lucideon to standards approved by NHBC.
  • Traditional lead fitting – Lead fitting channels make it quicker and easier to fit and dress lead.
  • Capping – We offer Standard, Premium or flaunched on site options.
  • Pots – Closed-top terracotta clay pots are available in different heights and colours.
  • Finish – Can be bespoke manufactured in any brick or stone finish, or prepared for render.
  • Style – Available to suit several different roof positions.
  • Quick – The chimney sits on the roof trusses, a few layers of felt and is then screwed and sealed in place.
  • Consistent – Manufactured in an industry leading factory environment.
  • Easy install – Lead fitting channels allow for a traditionally-styled lead dressing.
  • Sealed – Every chimney is completely sealed and 100% waterproof.

Product Information

BRICK CLAD CHIMNEYS (all dimensions in mm)

With a large number of standard sizes, finishes and roof positions, our brick and stone-clad chimney range should be suitable for the vast majority of housebuilding schemes. If you don’t see what you need on these pages, please just get in touch.

All dimensions in mm Width Depth Height
AVON 440 552 900
EDEN 440 777 1125
DERWENT 552 552 1125
WYE 552 777 1125
FROME 665 665 1125
SEVERN 777 777 1125
THAMES 665 890 1200

roof positions & pitch details

Our prefabricated chimneys are available as standard for 30°, 35°, 40° and 45° roof pitches and for mid-ridge, mono-pitch, gable ladder and gable end roof positions. Any roof position and pitch can be produced to order.



Gable End

Gable Ladder

Corbel Detail and Render Finishes

Our chimneys are manufactured using bricks we collect from site, and are supplied ready for pointing on site for a perfect match. Chimneys can be supplied prepared for rendering on site to ensure a perfect consistency on the build. Brick work and corbel detail can be produced to any specification and style; please contact us with your requirements.

No corbel

Corbel type 1

Corbel type 2

Render finish

Rendered finish with rendered corbel

Render finish with brick corbel

The above are examples of our range of corbels, please contact us for details of our full range.

Live class chimney options

Brick clad chimneys can be specified for Live Class 1 (for wood burning closed appliances) or Live Class 2 (for gas appliances). Please contact us for further details and information.

Pot options

Our brick clad chimneys can be supplied with a closed terracotta clay pot in either 300mm or 450mm height. Alternative pot styles and heights can be specified on request. Available in single or multi-pot configurations. Other colours available.


Bespoke options are available contact us for further details.

Chimney Options Overview

Brick clad chimney options table