Bricklite Cladding Panels

As a lightweight alternative to brick or block construction, our Bricklite panels offer a quick and easy cladding solution.

Supplied in ‘jigsaw’ components, in any brick type, for easy application on site, they offer a quick and reliable solution that is proving popular among our range of clients. If you don’t see the cladding panel you’re after on these pages, please just give us a call.

The wall panels are made to in-fill places on a building’s exterior or interior that cannot be brick or stone built due to the shape, details of the house build or structural concerns. They replicate perfectly the appearance of full brick or stone wall cladding, with less weight and less hassle.


  • Bespoke – all our cladding panels are designed and supplied to order, ensuring they are the perfect fit for your build.
  • Build to fit – we have a truly wide variety of sizes and materials available to fit any project, and can manufacture one-offs or multiples as your site demands.
  • The real deal – our panels are manufactured from real brick/block, taken from your site, to match the visual requirements of the development perfectly.
  • GRP – the brick slips are mounted onto a GRP backing for easy installation, using a lightweight, easy-to-cut jigsaw arrangement.
  • Versatile – Bricklite panels can be used for a wide range of applications including; recladding existing walls, lightweight/timber framing, gable staggering and shop fit-outs.

Designed, built and supplied to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for full details and selection support.