GRP Chimneys

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a matrix of woven glass fibre sheets layered and set within resin; it has an excellent strength to weight ratio, and can be moulded into almost any shape and size with highly detailed textures, finishes and unlimited colours.

These lightweight prefabricated solutions require little to no reinforcement in situ, and are manufactured at our in-house facilities to the highest standards using a unique process that gives us the fastest supplier times in the market.

10 year warranty

All of our prefabricated chimneys are supplied with a 10 year product warranty (full terms and conditions available on request). Brickfab is the only manufacturer to hold both CGMA and BBA accreditations for both brick-clad and GRP chimneys.


  • Quick to lift – Our Developer GRP chimneys are light, with removable lifting eyes for a quick and easy lift onto the roof.
  • Perfect pots – The pot is made to imitate colour of real terracotta clay pots.
  • In position – The GRP Developer Chimney sits on three layers of roof felt and is screwed and sealed in place. They are so light they need very little or no reinforcement at all.
  • Easy install – The Fast Lead System™ of pre-leading aids simple and economical installation, greatly reducing lead work on site.
  • Finishing touch – Our prefabricated chimneys are available in almost any brick colour. We work with you to ensure a perfect match.
  • Right every time – Our Developer chimneys are 100% GRP moulded in a factory controlled environment ensuring perfect consistency for any site development.
  • Sealed tight – Each GRP chimney is completely sealed and 100% waterproof. Being maintenance free, our developer chimney is a true ‘fit and forget’ product.

Product Information

GRP DEVELOPER CHIMNEYS (all dimensions in mm)


With a number of standard sizes and roof positions, our GRP chimney range should be suitable for the vast majority of housebuilding schemes.

All dimensions in mm WIDTH DEPTH HEIGHT
HASTINGS 552 777 1200
WARWICK 665 665 1200
TAMWORTH 665 890 1200

Roof Positions and Pitch

Our prefabricated GRP chimneys are available in any roof pitch. Our standard is mid-range, with mono-pitch and gable ladder upon request.



Gable Ladder

Corbel Detail & Capping

Our GRP chimneys incorporate a corbel feature as standard as well as a standard GRP cap with a closed GRP 300mm pot.

The GRP cap is a buff Bath Stone colour with a terracotta pot. Alternative colours are available upon request. A twin pot option is available on our Hastings and Tamworth chimneys, and mortar colour can also be specified to ensure your chimney matches the rest of the build.

Colour Matching

All of our GRP chimneys are colour matched to your bricks to fit with your build. We work with you to ensure a perfect match.

Fast Lead System™

The Fast Lead System™ makes it easier, faster and more cost effective to fix lead to prefabricated chimneys as the lead is fitted in a factory environment.
• Easier and faster to fit
• Less lead required
• Savings on time and materials
• Pre-leaded in factory or carried out on site