Prefabricated Brick Arches

To add decorative flourish, our range of off-site manufactured arches are the perfect fit for your build. We supply brick-faced arches with full soffit cladding options too.

Our customer focus means we supply products in the way that suits your project, collecting bricks from site to ensure a perfect colour match. If you don’t see the arch you’re looking for, just give us a call.

All brick arches supplied by Brickfab are prefabricated off site to ensure quality standards and are available to order with a variety of height, pattern, soffit, backing and infill options.

Supplying bespoke as standard

Our prefabricated arch range is offered up in any configuration to suit your project – just give us your specification and your bricks and we’ll use our in-house CAD service to design you the perfect arch.


  • Precision – Brick slips are precision-cut on our industry leading equipment to ensure every arch is perfect.
  • Easy fit – Our lightweight, non-structural arches are often a one-man lift.
  • Choice – Faced or soffit brick arches available on request.
  • Good looks – We use your bricks to guarantee a perfect match.
  • Efficient – Saves valuable site resource and time; less expensive than a traditionally built arch.
  • Easy to identify – Delivered clearly labelled by plot and product.
  • Heritage – Restoration arches available for historic buildings or new builds with traditional styling.

Product Information

Flat Gauge Arch (all dimensions in mm)

A typical flat arch suitable for all kinds of openings. Flat gauge arches usually have a brick and bat pattern between 3 and 5 courses high.


Semi-Raised Flat Gauge (all dimensions in mm)

Like the flat gauge arch, but with an arched rise along the bottom edge while the top of the arch remains flat. These arches also have the option for the rise to be solid with an infill panel.


Developer Arch (all dimensions in mm)

These are a cost effective way of adding arches to any building. Unlike most arches, the voussoirs are cut with parallel and equal widths in a brick and bat pattern.


Segmental Arch (all dimensions in mm)

Segmental arches are made up of a number of identical slightly angled bricks which form the shape of the arch when assembled. These arches typically have a rise of 75 or 150mm (1 or 2 courses).

segmental arch

Semi Circular Arch (all dimensions in mm)

As in a segmental arch each brick is the same, but the shape is continued round to form an attractive semi-circle. These provide the option for a large infill area (without an infill, the arch has the option to have a faced soffit instead).

segmental arch

Bullseye Arch (all dimensions in mm)

The bullseye, also known as a circular or full arch, offers an attractive decorative brick framing option, typically used for circular windows or openings.

Prefabricated arches semicircular bullseye

Restoration Arch (all dimensions in mm)

Restoration arches are often used in the restoration of old houses, where an original arch is being replaced or a new one is required to match existing arches in the area. These are typically 290 to 365mm high brick and bat pattern, with finely pointed 3mm joints.


Diamond Window Surround

Our diamond surrounds offer an easy-fix enhancement for any feature window. Other height and pattern styles are available by request.

Cill Panel

Prefabricated arches cill panel

We can also supply a prefabricated brick cill panel, usually using 140mm slips. Other brick height and patterns are available on request.

Height & Pattern Options

Brick and Bat Pattern

Standard heights are 215mm (3 courses), 90mm (4 courses) and 365mm (5 courses), all supplied with 10mm joints as standard, ready to be pointed on site to ensure a perfect mortar match. Other arch heights and joint widths can be made on request.

Single Header Pattern – 102mm High

The single header arch is made up of half bricks, so is only available at 102mm high. Supplied with 10mm joints as standard, ready to be pointed on site to ensure a perfect mortar match.

Soldier Pattern – 215mm High

The soldier arch is made up of full length bricks, so is only available at 215mm high. Supplied with 10mm joints as standard, ready to be pointed on site to ensure a perfect mortar match.

Double Header Pattern – 215mm High

The double header arch is made up of two half bricks to create a full height brick pattern, so it is only available at 215mm high. Supplied with 10mm joints as standard, ready to be pointed on site to ensure a perfect mortar match.



Panelite is a lightweight panel system comprising a polyurethane foam core between two 10mm magnesium particle boards, with brick slips making 100mm overall.
Panelite provides a lightweight solution for quick installation without the need for lifting equipment and is available for all types of arches.

Options: Faced or Non-Faced Soffit

Rendered houses

We cut slips to 25-30mm, rather than 20mm, for the purpose
of arches for rendered houses. This provides a wider edge for
the render to butt up against.

Loose Cut

Arch bricks can be supplied without being prefabricated to any backing for a traditional built arch. Factory controlled cutting provides the builder with perfectly cut bricks to ensure a quality built arch. Loose cut bricks are available for all arch types.