Brickfab `success story` highlighted by Autodesk

Brickfab’s spirit of innovation has been celebrated by Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD and Inventor, for embracing the principals of digital prototyping.

Digital prototyping allows for the creation and performance testing of virtual products, designed entirely in the Inventor software, permitting the refinement of product concepts without the need for repeated test manufacturing phases. It’s a technology that has allowed Brickfab to move ahead of its competitors by innovating systems that would be impractical to produce in any other way.

Autodesk selected Brickfab as a prime exponent of this way of working, profiling the business in a promotional release for its Inventor software – a system that offers more than just 3D design.

“The ability to visualise the product and review all relevant metadata has helped us to be more accurate in what we do, and to provide higher quality products,” explains Brickfab’s company director John White. “We can easily see how all the design components can best be assembled and how they work together as a coordinated whole. At the same time, it is much easier to produce associated parts lists and bills of materials.

“We have won additional business as a direct result of our ability to deliver high-quality 3D digital designs.”

You can check out the full profile here.