Water way to continuous improvement

Key to Brickfab’s success and consistent growth, even during periods of recession, has been our focus on innovation and sustainable continuous improvement throughout all areas of the business. Embedding a lean and Kaizen culture of reviewing processes and procedures has enabled us to identify where and how we can improve customer service.

The second quarter of 2016 saw the latest example of our commitment to the environment and to be simply better , with the new water treatment plant put into full operation at our factory in Stoke on Trent. The system, which mirrors the one at Pontypool which has been operating for several years, collects water used on brick cutting machinery into a tank set into the factory floor. The water is then filtered, separating all the brick and block dust, and then pumped back to the saws for reuse, providing a clean and sustainable water supply. As such, only the water absorbed by the material being cut is lost and we typically recycle over 95% of our water.

Speaking about the new water treatment plant, Rob Corden (Production Manager) said:“The new system has transformed our cutting process at Brickfab Stoke. The saws are constantly supplied with clean sediment-free water, this allows for a more efficient cutting process and in turn has improved the quality and consistency of our output and provided us with great cutting blade life and time savings.”

This significant investment is the latest example of Brickfab’s continued commitment to producing the highest quality prefabricated building products for our customers.

Nigel Watkins, Brickfab’s managing director confirmed the company’s commitment to all aspects of sustainability. “Our staff are constantly looking for ways to improve and this investment is a good example of learning from and taking the best from other industries. This water treatment plant was found in Italy in the marble cutting industry. Since the first visit to Italy several years ago, manufacturers of other machinery have been found and two CNC automated cutting machines have been purchased. We are determined to keep focused on innovation and sustainability as ways of making the best pre-fabricated building products for UK house building and are more than ready to deal with increased demand that the drive to build more homes in the UK will bring.”